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How To Rename Your Login Url To Secure Your WordPress Itemares

How many times have you heard about or tried to use the idea of rename your login URL to secure your WordPress Ithemes? You may be thinking that this is an entirely new concept and that you never thought about it before. But it is actually not a new concept; however, most people do not try to utilize it because they do not know how it works. So in order to help you out, below is information on how to change your username and password on WordPress.

rename your login url to secure your wordpress ithemes

Before we move further, it is important that you know what your username is and what your password is. By the way, your domain name is also known as your website’s URL. Therefore, in order to change both your username and your domain name, you will have to change your website’s URL as well.

Now, if you want to change your username, you can just log into your WordPress administration area and click on “My Account.” From there, you will be able to enter the new username for your domain. Also, if you want to change your password, you can go to ” Password.”

If you are trying to change your domain name, you will have to open your cpanel and click on “Add New.” You will need to fill out the form and give some other information regarding your domain name. When it is all finished, you will have to click on “Save changes” and then ” Finish.” This process will require you to fill out a form and input your new domain name. Then, you will be able to see your domain name in the cpanel database.

In case you cannot change your domain name after you have made changes, there is one more thing you can do. You can use the dnshost. file located in your wordpress installation directory. You will need to put the following string at the end of your username: deactivated. That way, whenever someone posts to your blog, it will not show up as the username, but as a message in the form of “warning: User has chosen to deactivate their account.”

Changing your passwords often is a great idea. But when you can’t remember them or if you forget your username and password, you need to change them before you log in to WordPress. It is important that you don’t click around too much on your dashboard while you are changing your passwords or else, someone could steal your identity and use it to break into your other accounts on the Internet. If you keep changing passwords, you are asking for trouble!